Current Release

5/1/2014: Version 5.0.1

Many, many bug fixes, including a large number of bugs that can cause crashes. spamdyke-qrv has also received a great deal of attention and now handles every strange configuration qmail can support.

Download spamdyke version 5.0.1

Previous Releases

1/28/2014: Version 5.0.0

Adds full recipient validation and some new sender filters. Also changes the whitelisting feature to not automatically allow relaying for whitelisted connections and fixes a number of bugs.

Download spamdyke version 5.0.0
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1/20/2012: Version 4.3.1

Corrects a bug in the new header blacklist filter that could cause erroneous errors and incorrect message rejections.

Download spamdyke 4.3.1

1/15/2012: Version 4.3.0

Adds the ability to filter messages based on the content of their headers. Also fixes some small bugs, a compile error on Debian 7 and a major series of bugs that could result in buffer overflows (possibly remotely exploitable, depending on the configuration options). Please upgrade immediately!

Download spamdyke 4.3.0

rDNS files

Some of spamdyke's options search files for rDNS names. In all those cases, the format of the files is the same. Blank lines and lines beginning with # are ignored. Every other line in the file is expected to contain a single entry.

NOTE: To protect against unknown dangers like programming errors, corrupted filesystems or incorrect file paths, spamdyke will only read the first 65536 lines of any file. If the file is any larger, spamdyke will printing an error message into its logs. If there is a legitimate reason to have more than 65536 lines in a file, the content should be separated into multiple files and spamdyke's option should be given multiple times to search each file.

Individual names may be given as separate entries. Those names will be matched literally. For example:
Two names will be matched by these entries, and

The rDNS names may also use wildcards by beginning with dots (.) to match whole domains. For example, if the file contained the following entry:
The names, and will match. If the file contained the following entry:
The names and will match but and will NOT.