Current Release

5/1/2014: Version 5.0.1

Many, many bug fixes, including a large number of bugs that can cause crashes. spamdyke-qrv has also received a great deal of attention and now handles every strange configuration qmail can support.

Download spamdyke version 5.0.1

Previous Releases

1/28/2014: Version 5.0.0

Adds full recipient validation and some new sender filters. Also changes the whitelisting feature to not automatically allow relaying for whitelisted connections and fixes a number of bugs.

Download spamdyke version 5.0.0
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1/20/2012: Version 4.3.1

Corrects a bug in the new header blacklist filter that could cause erroneous errors and incorrect message rejections.

Download spamdyke 4.3.1

1/15/2012: Version 4.3.0

Adds the ability to filter messages based on the content of their headers. Also fixes some small bugs, a compile error on Debian 7 and a major series of bugs that could result in buffer overflows (possibly remotely exploitable, depending on the configuration options). Please upgrade immediately!

Download spamdyke 4.3.0

About spamdyke

spamdyke is a filter for monitoring and intercepting SMTP connections between a remote host and a qmail server. Spam is blocked while the remote server (spammer) is still connected; no additional processing or storage is needed.

In addition to all of its anti-spam filters, spamdyke also includes a number of features to enhance qmail.

Best of all, using spamdyke does not require patching or recompiling qmail!

Anti-Spam Filters

spamdyke boasts a large number of filters for blocking mail from remote servers. Every filter is individually configurable.

spamdyke's reverse DNS filters can:

  • Require reverse DNS names.
  • Require reverse DNS names to resolve with IP addresses.
  • Require reverse DNS names to be real, not dynamically assigned.
  • Require the sender's domain name to have a valid mail exchanger (MX).

spamdyke's blacklist and whitelist filters can:

  • Search local IP and reverse DNS blacklist/whitelist files.
  • Search DNS realtime blacklists/whitelists (DNS RBLs).
  • Search DNS righthand-side blacklists/whitelists (DNS RHSBLs).
  • Search sender and recipient blacklist/whitelist files.
  • Search message headers for specific content.

spamdyke's graylist(/greylist) filters can:

  • Graylist specific recipient domains (activated per domain).
  • Graylist connections from specific IP addresses or reverse DNS domains.
  • Enforce minimum and maximum ages for graylist entries.
  • Skip graylisting for specific domains, IP addresses or reverse DNS domains.

spamdyke's other filters can:

  • Stop earlytalkers (remote servers that send data before the SMTP greeting banner is sent).
  • Limit the maximum number of recipients per message.
  • Enforce idle timeouts and absolute timeouts.
  • Prevent unauthorized relaying.
  • Stop spam that appears to come from the recipient's address.

See the README file for full details.

Additional Features

spamdyke has additional features you will love:

  • Readable logging, using syslog, so you can actually monitor your qmail server and save your log files.
  • Full SMTP AUTH support, so your users can bypass all filters, even from remote locations. spamdyke can provide SMTP AUTH even if qmail is completely unpatched.
  • Full TLS support, so your users can send mail securely. spamdyke can provide TLS even if qmail is completely unpatched.
  • Log all SMTP traffic to files so you can diagnose connection problems.
  • Support available through an active mailing list.

See the README file for full details.